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A Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer working since 2007 that thinks and creates differently. Equally happy to build on a client's vision for their project or be given a blank canvas.

My studio experience is extensive including five years management and creating new teams, training many high end agency represented photographers, photographing in excess of 12,000 lifestyle clients, producing editorial content for London, Milan and New York clients, working with new and established brands with an ever evolving look and focus that is always fresh, modern and dynamic.

I work closely with my clients using my photography and video still skill sets (I can shoot both in a single sessions) in the best way to help engage with and build customer audiences through traditional print methods and prominent online platforms Instagram Facebook etc.

Whether you are a commercial or private individual seeking new content I have shot a wide range or content including product so if you don't see any samples on the site get in touch as I have likely shot something similar before.

If you like the look and feel of my work please do get in touch!!

Have a good day....



t: 07896 472864 e: info@jasonharry.com

Featured Video : BLACK Eyewear LONDON - Inspiration for my Brand...Music Touched Me.
An honest conversation with owner/ designer of BLACK EYEWEAR talking about his brand, expresssing thoughts and the history of evolving his brand for a discerning client base.

Photographer Jason Harry
In the Snow 2018