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The main reason I started training other photographers was to add to my clients skill sets, a good commercial teacher would always want their clients to be better than them, as you can see from the list below many were already had great skill sets in their chosen area and were very much in demand. My knowledge in DSLR video gained with the release of the Canon 5dii brought over 500 working photographers to my open and private sessions held in the UK with private clients coming in to me from Europe and other continents.

There are probably not many active photographers in the UK that have been sought out and trained as many high end photographers (over 500) that work for the likes of Mercedes F1, SKY, ex BBC, Canon, Getty Images, Arsenal Football Club, Wigan Warriors, Fashion photographer from ART + Commerce, Art Directors, Action Sports, RANKINs award winning video team, MIRA, CIMA, Fashion brands Ted Baker and Paul Smith, Amnesty International and Morgan Lovell to name but a few....

Not all of the sessions were training transfer one way, the level of knowledge of the attendees was at times the very highest and they were also kind enough to give me a few tips back the other way, so always a big thumbs up to them.

A good camera understanding rather than a post production focus is key, you simply cannot shoot video with an Adobe Lightroom or similar mindset, you've got to be thinking about the final 10% of post production as you shoot, not fudge it around later.

How do we do this?
You will receive the benefit of my shooting experience, studio management, recruiting and training creative teams since 2008.

Since 2007 I have worked with CALUMET Retail + Rental now WEX Photo Video as a pro customer, commercial studio manager and professional trainer in both photography and video. With my help and contacts I can help YOU in many ways including equipment set up, visually maintain your brand, studio and team training.

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My look and focus is new, creating fresh and dynamic content for my clients. Working closely with my clients helping them market using both video and the still images (I shoot both simultaneously) is absolutely the best way to represent their brands - and engage their different customer audiences through traditional methods and prominent emerging electronic platforms.


1              Mixed Light
2              Mastering Studio or small flash (when to use them)
3              DSLR Video Intro
4              Video Advanced
5              Video Editing/ Grading
6              Image editing & colouring/ toning
7              Portrait Photography
8              Advanced camera functions, together with work flow integration.
9              Product Photography
10            Fashion Photography
11            Business Skills

Level 1 Basic Training £500, all instruction to get you going in the topic of your choice.
Level 2 Advanced Training £1,000, in depth training in the topic of your choice.
Level 3 Premium Training including all presets I personally use, personal shooting styles and camera/ systems setus appropriate to the topic + access to my contacts to help get you fast tracked with 28 day online support . £ 1,500



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My Training Time is limited - These learning experiences can be conducted in the UK, Internationally or online by private meeting. These learning experiences are significantly better than the unqualified information you can find on-line - GUARANTEED!!!

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This is what Commercial and Private customers are saying about my photography and video training.

"I really enjoyed my day with you. There is a lot of value in talking to another professional photographer even if our two fields are completely different. Thanks for all your notes, they are very useful as things can easily be forgotten as we worked through the day."
Client - a leading F1 Team photographer

A great introduction to the world of video and film. Jason an industry leader shares his knowledge freely with presentation based examples and practical hands on location shooting. An inspiring day.
Jason Cairnduff @Action Images, Sports Photography Agency

Thanks for the enjoyable training day. It was great to get a refresher course on shooting video with my DSLR.I particularly enjoyed throwing around ideas during the practical session and there were plenty of useful tips to take away.
Alex Livesey @ GETTY Images

“The course was a fantastic overview of making videos with a DSLR. the tutorials were clear, easy to follow, and fun.”
P Kelly, Head of Marketing Morgan Lovell

"The course was great, I've got a lot of useful info to start our new video venture!"
Charlotte @ Designer Paul Smith

The course was great, really helpful. thank you!
Alex & Polly @ Designer TED BAKER London

"Thank you for yesterday, It was an eye opener and would recommend it to anyone."
Donna, Ireland

"Thank you for your help the other day.It was so fantastic to meet and talk with you and I have really learned a lot :)"
Charlotte, London

"I enjoyed the training day and it has given me loads to think about; great pointers for video production and for improving workflow in general."

"Really enjoyed the session, got a lot out of it, especially in building confidence. Look forward to next one!"
Guy, London.

"Thank you for yesterday, I appreciated the way in which you freely explained how you work. We all work in different ways, but the very sound principles that you talked about are universally applicable, best wishes Richard"

"Thanks for the last two day workshop - it was enlightening and inspiring."
Marion London

"Yesterday was really inspirational."
Juliet, London.

"Many thanks for the session today. We covered a lot of ground which should be very useful."
Mr Mitchell & Son, London

"Thank you for the course on Friday, it was most insightful and I have taken a lot from it."
Lee, London

"Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent two days.I will definitely be incorporating the things you covered into my forthcoming assignments. "
Tim W, London

"Thank you for your time running the course - I enjoyed it and it was just what I was after. I look forward to experimenting with what I've learned."
Tim H, London

"Thanks so much for the other day, it was incredible helpful and useful! I'll definitely be booking another workshop or 1-1 with you once I've properly processed everything we talked about on Friday!"
Mike, London

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t: 07896 472864 e: info@jasonharry.com
t: 07896 472864 e: info@jasonharry.com