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"Italian Beauty" for THE FASHIONISTO New York, model Fabio Mancini, Dmanagement, Milan.

"The Free Spirited Woman" model Florentina De Comtes.

Britains Next Top Model Finalist #2017 Jenifer Malengele in "A Very Colour Full Affair" for ROUGH Global.

"Inner Beauty" for Makeup Academy featuring Renata Guerra, PRM London (16:9 display)

"Inner Beauty" for Makeup Academy featuring Renata Guerra, PRM London (9:16 display, Insta story format)

"APLHA Female" featuring model Cami Amarante, Wild.london

"Colourful Shade" Independent Models, Milano

"Uomini Magnifici Di Milano " Beatrice Models Milano.

"UNFAZED" model Aila, Wild.london

Interview for THE FASHIONISTO New York, American Actor Kyle Soller for Print + Online Issue #11

"Walking Art" - Beatrice Models Milan, Show Pack

BLACK Eyewear LONDON - Inspiration for my Brand...Music Touched Me.

BLACK Eyewear LONDON - Expression of Identity... That's it.

AW13 for models.com AMCK SHOWPACK, London

Fashion Rocks featuring Gabriela Pirez, WILD London for ROUGH

L U X O R at the Lowry Manchester
Grammy Award winning producer William Orbit, Artist Pauline Amos and AMF ex ENB dancer create spontanious new works by improvising with actions and interactions between the audio and visual. A provocative display and making of new work in the moment. It is energetic, inspiring and challanging.

Totally INDEPENDENT.... MEN, Model Dairy, Milan

"Colour Freak" featuring Model Wenxin Hsieh

"BELLEROPHONTES" for THE FASHIONISTO New York, Model Ben Waters@dmanagement, Milan

The Curve AW13 - Model Jess@12+ London

Performer AMF ex ENB at SHUNT London

"TOMBOY RULES" featuring Model Isobella, Nevs, London.

"Italians In Nairobi" ft models Borja and Jimmy@AMCKmodels, London

"Glam Rock" Video Portrait ft LEE@AMCK Models, for THE FASHIONISTO New York.

Grammy Award Winning Ali Shirazinia (Persian: علی شیرازی‌نیا ), stage name D U B F I R E is an Iranian American house and techno DJ and producer.

"MALOMBRA" for THE FASHIONISTO New York model Jourdan Copeland@AMCK Models, London.

"We Throw Shade" model Rebecca@Premier+ Aida@Milk Management, London.

The Curve Collection AW13 - Walk through video 1/13 , moidel Jess@12+ London

The Curve Collection AW13 - Walk through video 5/13 , moidel Jess@12+ London (9:16 display, for Insta Story, Point of sale, Shop Window Display)

The Curve Collection AW13 - Walk through video 2/13 model Jess@12+ London

Interview for The Fashion Network with KEMPT Apparel

Body Shop with Choreographer Laura-Ann 2011

// Personal Work

Aftermath - A mostly silent visual reflection
of the damage caused by the Rioting in Manchester City Center, 2011. All assets taken as the rioting ebbed, I would not recommend the casual person to try and do the same, the risks are really too great.